Sophie, Mum and an exciting Great Bake Off

Sophie Mouse’s Mum had to finish a lot of thing. She is a baker and is very busy. Even so busy that she had to bake at home. Sophie asked if she can help her Mum in the kitchen. During cleaning the kitchen, Sophie found a piece of paper about the Firefly Springs Bake Off. Sophie’s Mum makes a deal with Sophie. If Sophie helps, they will enter the Bake Off. Sophie had to deliver the baked goods. Sophie was so enthusiastic, she told everyone that her Mum will enter the Bake Off. But is Mum happy with that?

Together with her Mum, Sophie tried to think about unusual flavors. All the new ideas had to be tried. Sophie is a bit disappointed when the ideas of Sophie didn’t taste that jummy. In this way she can’t help her Mum. Mum really don’t need her anymore….

But Mum did really want Sophie helping her at the Bake Off. Finally it’s Saturday, the day of the Bake Off. There are so many spectators!! Round 1 is not so difficult and they had a good score. Round 2 is more difficult. They got one hour to bake a very delicious and special chocolat chip cookie. But how can they create some recipe special enough? Then Sophie had an idea, but will this idea be good enough? They will never win with this recipe. Or will they?