Pinkie Pie and the rockin' pony party

How Pinkie Pie gets serious by a party


Pinkie Pie is in shock. There is no party on the calendar! That’s un-pos-si-ble! Pinkie Pie is the best partyplanner of Equestria.  Pinkie won’t let it happen that there’s one day without a party. After a little thinking she knows what kind of party it would be today. Spring starts right now and Pinkie has found springs. The new party is called Spring- spring-spring party!

It’s a amazing party, even with bouncy castles! And there are even new ponies. But… are those new ponies really new ponies? It’s Pinkie Pie’s family! They did never come to a party of Ponyville. There must be something going on. And it is. The Rockfarm of Pinkies family is in great danger. Everybody wants those glimmy stones and diamond things. Nobody wants the stones of Pinkies family anymore. The Rockfarm will not last long.

Pinkie Pie wouldn’t be Pinkie Pie if she hadn’t a solution. A Rockin’ pony party would surely help! But Pinkies parents don’t believe in this parties. They want royal advice of princess Twilight Sparkle. Pinkie has to be more serious. Parties aren’t always a solution…. Pinkie Pie is deeply hurt. She will be more serious. But what’s Pinkie doing now? She paint all of her walls in grey and brown colours. All of her partystuff she is throwing away. She calls herself Pinkie serious Pie and her manes are sadly hanging. Pinkie wouldn’t even help to get the balloons perfectly! The problem seems be worse than expected….

Will there be someone who get Pinkie Pie exited again?

Will Pinkie Pie ever prepare a party again?

And of course…  can someone save the Rockfarm?


You can read it yourself in Pinkie Pie and the rockin’ pony party!

Don’t forget your party cannon!