Lucy Longwhiskers gets lost

Magic Animal Friends - Lucy gets lost


The parents of Lucy have a barn which is called the Helping Paw Wildlife Hospital. They have a lot of animals to take care about. Lucy loves to help and is busy to feed the rabbits, when her best friend Jess came in. Now it is summer, they can help in the hospital every day!

Then happens something strange. When Lily and Jess follows a special golden cat, they find a magical tree! In the tree is a small door and when Lily and Jess walk through, they come in a sunlit forest which is called the Friendship Forest. There are small houses, cafes and other different buildings. Who would live there? It are the animals of the forest. Lily and Jess can talk with all the animals and they are about the same size as the animals. It is such beautiful!

But it’s not all beauty. Lily and Jess came here to help the magical animal friends. Friendship Forest is in danger! The wicked witch Grizelda  wants the Friendship Forest for herself. She will do everything to get it, together with her servants the Boggits (they look like a kind of trolls). They even kidnap, oh no bunny-nap their new little friend Lily Longwhiskers, a tiny rabbit. Lily and Jess gets help from Goldie the cat and Mr Cleverfeather the owl. His secret path through the treetops is a very useful help. Would they succeed in rescuing Lucy Longwhiskers and the Friendship Forest?

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