Bella Donna Books

Bella Donna the young Witchling

Bella Donna is a young regular girl who always wanted to be a witch. She wears black clothes and loves everything about witches. But instead of a witch, she is an orphan in the local orphanage. She wants to be adopted by a very special Forever Family. But it took a long time to get this forever family….. Together with her best friend Sam she is waiting, because he also is waiting for his forever family.

One day Lilith is walking in. Bella Donna knows it immediately. Lilith is her Forever Family! Lilith adopts Bella Donna so Bella Donna has to move and let Sam all alone. Lucky for Sam he also gets his Forever Family soon. Bella Donna tries to do her very best to be a ordinary girl and not to tell anything about witches. Maybe Lilith will abandon her if she tell about witches. But it doesn’t take long before strange things happened. Will witches really exist?

Yes they do. Even Lilith is a witch! And so is Bella Donna. Well, she is not really a witch, but a witchling. That is the name of a young witch who is still learning. Bella Donna gets lessons by Lilith, just like Verity, another Witchling. But then the other witches think Bella Donna is betraying them. Will she be able to prove she isn’t?

In the second book everything turned back to normal. At school they got a new teacher and Bella Donna has to learn for her maths, which she thinks is very difficult. But then she saw the spell-casting contest. She is desperate to win this contest. She is training a lot on her spells. But can Bella Donna control her own magic? She doesn’t think so, because at school strange things happens. Strange magical things. In this way Lilith will never be proud of her! When it looks like everything went well, it ends up in some very danger. Will Bella Donna and Verity be able to save the day?